Some Dr. Seuss Bullshit

Have you guys heard about the ‘4 gift Christmas’? It’s where you get your kids only 4 gifts apiece: something they want, something they need, something to wear and something to read.

I’ve been so stressed the past few Christmas’ trying to keep everything equal among 6 children that last December 26th, I informed the kids that we’d be having a ‘4 gift Christmas’ this year.

They weren’t listening, of course, so, in hopes of avoiding Christmas morning disappointment, I’ve reminded them of this little tweak a few times over the past couple of weeks.

Me: “Hey, guys, don’t forget that we’re changing Christmas a little bit this year. Santa is sticking to the ‘4 gift’ rule.”

Kids (all at once): “What!? What are you talking about about? I’ve never heard of this? Why 4 gifts? Why does Santa hate us?”

Me: “I mentioned it last Christmas and a couple of times through the year….you each get 4 gifts from Santa.”

Jules: “Wait, wait, wait….what now?”

Me: “Yeah- something you want, need, wear, read. That’s it.”

Jules: “This sounds like some kinda Dr. Seuss BS to me…”

Her response inspired a little Dr. Seuss- influenced prose:

“Only 4 gifts are mine.
likely you’ll say.
I gave you a heads up-
Santa don’t play.

We’ll watch you open presents
Dad and I, we two
and we’ll listen to you say
“You guys don’t have a clue.”

And I’ll think ‘She can suck it-
what attitude is this?’
Then I’ll take your stuff back
and buy me some shit.”

I’ve had my eye on a wool coat at J.Crew…looks like I might get it after all.


3 thoughts on “Some Dr. Seuss Bullshit

  1. I like the 4-gift idea. I our house we’ve whittled it down to one, but our kids are older.

  2. I kinda like that rule! I’m not sure my hubby will go for it, but I might try to convince him for next year.


  3. Haha! We’ve done the 4 gift Christmas for awhile. I like it. It’s so much easier to keep track of what I’ve already bought. Also, I am WAY more thoughtful about each gift since that’s all they get. Plus, I still do the stocking and the makes it fun, too.

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