Do-Overs and Lipstick

I woke up in a ultra crappy mood yesterday. I hate it when that happens. I was snappy and short-tempered and when one of the kids left their dishes from breakfast on the kitchen table, I scooped them up and dropped them in the sink all dramatic-like.

I kept trying to get it together, but everything and everyone was pissing me off.

Thankfully, those days are very infrequent for me. The kids are thoroughly confused when I’m being bitchtastic and don’t really know how to react- and even less so, how I’LL react to them- so they sort of steer clear and leave me be.

After the littlest kids were dropped off at school, I had some time by myself and could feel my bad mood melting away….well, that in combination with my Xanax, duh.

I promised Leo that I’d have lunch with him at his school one day soon but wouldn’t tell him when, exactly, because I wanted to surprise him. I decided to try to make up for my volatile behavior earlier in the day and meet him for lunch that afternoon.

We were sitting at the special tables assigned for parents eating lunch with their kids. He was excited to see me but was being a little tentative and quiet and wouldn’t really look me in the eye.

I took his face in my hands.

Me: “Look at me, buddy. I want to tell you that I’m sorry for the way I acted this morning. You know, sometimes Mom just has a bad day and I get super stressed or whatever but the thing is… I should never, ever make you feel bad just because I feel bad. You did nothing wrong this morning- you’re wonderful! Will you please forgive me and let me have a do-over?”

Leo (tearfully): “Yeah, Mom. It’s okay. I know you’re not an asshole.Thanks for having lunch with me…and thanks for wearing lipstick. It makes me feel proud when you try to look pretty for me.”

And just like that, I was forgiven and my day became a thousand times less shitty.

Kids and dogs always seem willing to let us have a do-over even when we are massive assholes. Also, I guess wearing a little lipstick helps, too.


4 thoughts on “Do-Overs and Lipstick

  1. Is there a particular shade that works better, I wonder?!

    • I find that you can never go wrong with a kick-ass red. My Grandmother always said that “only whores wear red lipstick before the sun goes down.” Times have changed. Also, she’s dead now so….

  2. Did you compliment him on his proper use of the word “asshole?”

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