Over the past week or so, our kids have read the headlines about Ebola and have been freaking out a little bit.

So when 3 of them caught a nasty case of Strep throat a couple of days ago, they were convinced that they were the first 3 kids in the States to have contracted the disease. I assured them that they just needed to take their antibiotics and rest and that they’d be healthy again soon.

Last night, Mia, who is the latest Strep throat victim looked at me all furrow-browed and earnestly asked me if I was certain that she doesn’t have “Elbowla”.

Me: “It’s ‘E-bol-a’- has nothing to do with your elbow- and I promise you do not have it. You’re going to be fine, love.”

I drew this on her elbow while she was sleeping last night and it produced the first smile I’ve seen from her in 24 hours.

*Not to make light of Ebola- that’s some scary shit. This was just my way of providing a bit of levity to the cyclone of sickness around here.


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