Not Cool, Jan, Not Cool

I popped by the pharmacy yesterday to have my Xanax prescription refilled. After a moment or two, the pharmacist called me over to the counter. “Mrs. Wood, it looks like someone from your doctor’s office called us in August and closed out this prescription so I can’t fill it.”

Me: “I’m sorry, what? They ‘closed it out’? Was there a reason given? Was it my doctor? That’s really weird. I have 2 refills left on this prescription.”

Pharmacist: “There was no reason given. We did make a note that it was someone named Jan*. It wasn’t your doctor.”

I happen to be friends with my doctor so I called him just to verify that it was a mistake. He assured me that there was no reason that the prescription should have been closed and that she didn’t “have the authority to close it anyway.”

He called me in a new prescription (bigger and better, y’all!) and assured me that he’d find out what was up with all that.

Guess what, Jan*? You picked the wrong stressed out mother of 6’s Xanax prescription to arbitrarily cancel.

Lucky for her I still had a few doses left and I’m a nice person. Otherwise, Hell hath no fury like a mother at her wit’s end with no relief in sight. I considered paying her a face-to-face visit…thankfully the Xanax kicked in.

*Name has been changed to protect the guilty.


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