Extra More

Leo started asking me vague questions about ‘dating’. He asked if he has to wait until high school to have a girlfriend or if it’s okay to have one now.

Me: “Well, you can’t really ‘date’ yet but it’s okay to have a crush on someone or to like them in a special way.”

Leo: “So, if I liked a girl extra more than any other girl, does that mean she can be my ‘girlfriend’?”

Me: “I think she has to agree to be your girlfriend and for you to be her boyfriend. Like, you BOTH like each other ‘extra more’. Is there someone you want to tell me about?”

Leo: “Not yet.”

This morning he came into the kitchen and said he was ready to talk to me about the girl he likes.

Leo: “Except, she’s not in my class and I only see her at recess. I know she likes me too, though, ’cause when she sees me she leaves her friends and hangs out with me. She said my hair is cool. Should I ask her to be my girlfriend?”

Me: “Maybe…I think I’ll leave that up to you.”

Leo: “I guess I should know her name first, too.”

Me: “You don’t know her name?”

Leo: “Well, I asked her but I can’t remember what she said. I think she said it was “Flower” or “Diamond” or “Sparkle” or something like that.”

And that’s when I vetoed all that nonsense and told him he wasn’t allowed to date a stripper…even if he does like her extra more.

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