The Towel Master

Bella came bouncing into the kitchen to show me a bracelet that she’d just made:


Me: “Tacos? That’s funny! Why tacos?”

Bella: “What do you mean?”

Me: “I just…I’ve never seen a bracelet that said ‘tacos’. I like it- don’t get me wrong- tacos are delicious. I just thought that you would’ve made one that said ‘Bella’ or ‘I ❤ puppies’ or something.”

Bella: “Yeah but tacos are the best thing ever and I like to think about them whenever I can.”

Me: “Okay! That’s awesome!”

Bella: “Can we have tacos for dinner one night this week?”

Me: “Sure- sounds great.”

Bella: “Only, can they not be your tacos? Can we go to a Mexican restaurant? I think we need to let the experts make the tacos- yours still need a little work. I’m not being mean, just honest. You’re really good at, like, folding towels and stuff.”

And then I asked her if she’d make me a bracelet that read: “Chin up, Tara! Your cooking may suck but you fold towels like a mofo!” Just as a little pick-me-up when I’m having a tough day.  


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