The Cookie

Isn’t it fun when you find a surprise $20 in the pocket of your jeans?

You know what’s even better? Being in Target an hour later and hearing a Mother tell her pleading daughter “I understand that you want to wear a new dress on the first day, baby, but we don’t have much money left and we still have to buy all your school supplies” then discreetly giving that Mom the $20 so she can buy that pretty dress and watch her daughter step onto the bus on the first day of school feeling all fancy and confident. The $20 was meant for that little girl all along.

I was in a check-out lane when the little girl ran up to me with a chocolate chip cookie from the snack bar. “My Mommy said you’re an angel and to give you this cookie.”

It is in giving that we receive. The chocolate chip cookie that I received tasted just like love and gratitude and joy. It was delicious down to my soul.

7 thoughts on “The Cookie

  1. Judith Fearneyhough

    Tears in my eyes! An angel for sure – the “hand” of God working through you!

  2. Even thru my crappy day this made me tear up and smile

  3. Oh wow. That story just made my day. 🙂 And you’re a funny lady! I’m loving your stories.

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