The Lunch Number Song

When the kids start elementary school, they are assigned a number that they punch into a keypad for school lunches or to check out books at the library. They use that same number all the way through high school.

Last year, when he started kindergarten, Leo had a hard time remembering his number and he was starting to panic. We made up a little song to sing to help him recall it: “****47 my name is Leo, no it’s not Kevin.”

His homework last night was to review his lunch/library number.

Me: “Hey, buddy, do you remember your lunch number?”

Leo: “Uh….no. What is it, again?”

Me: “Remember the song? ‘****47…’?”

Leo: “Oh yeah… ‘my name is Leo, no it’s not David’.”

Me: “Well, no. The other name rhymes with the word ‘seven’. So, it wouldn’t be ‘David’. What’s a boy’s name that rhymes with ‘seven’?”

Leo: “Are you kidding me? This feels like school.”

Me: “I’m just trying to help you with your number.”

Leo: “I know it, I know it…”

Me: “Okay- tell me once and I’ll leave you alone.”

Leo: “****47 my name is Leo, no it’s not David.”


The alternate song I came up with last year was: “****47- if you love Jesus you’re gonna go to Heaven.” I guess I should’ve taught him that one…it would’ve been more difficult to mess up and I could’ve sprinkled a little Catholic guilt on there if he’d forgotten it- “Hmmmm- you can’t remember your number? Maybe you should think about Jesus and where you hope to go when you die and it’ll come to you…”

David. I mean, it doesn’t even rhyme. I guess the point is that he remembers his number. He butchered my little song, though, and I find that nearly unforgivable. Jesus forgives him but I’m struggling a little bit.


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