Show Off

Mia had been in childcare at my gym while I was working out. When I walked in to get her, she was sitting at a table with 3 other kids coloring a picture of a dolphin. “Finally!”, she said, “Ugh-let’s gooooooo!” and pulled my arm in the direction of the door.

Me: “What? I wasn’t gone very long.”

Mia: “No, that girl who was sitting at the table with us- she was a jerk.”

Me: “Uh oh- what’d she do?”

Mia: “Like, she kept asking me questions and when I answered her, she would try to show off.”

Me: “What do you mean?”

Mia: “She would say “How many American Girl dolls do you have?” and I said “2” and she said “Well, I have 10.” And then she asked me if I had an iPhone and I said “no” and she said “That’s sad…I have 3.” Why would you even need 3 phones? She was just trying to be a show off.”

Me: “Yeah- it sounds like it. Did you ask her about herself? It sounds like maybe she just needs some attention. Maybe if you see her again, you can ask her about what she likes to do or about her family or something…people like feeling like people are interested in them. I bet you’ll find that she’s super sweet when she’s not trying to one-up you.”

Mia: “Yeah, I tried that. I asked her how many brothers and sisters she has because I knew that I probably have more than her and I wanted to be all “in your face” when I told her that there are 6 of us.”

Me: “Oh…how’d that go?”

Mia: “She said that she doesn’t have any brothers or sisters but she does have 4 Uncles. Then she asked me how many Uncles I have and I said I only have one and then she said “Awww- that’s sad.” and I said “No it’s not ’cause he’s gay and he’s awesome and I bet he dresses better and acts fancier than all your Uncles put together.”

Me: “So you tried to one-up her?”

Mia: “I didn’t try to, I did. She stopped talking after that. Uncle Nick would be proud. Maybe he’ll buy me something pretty.”

She gets her spunk and want of pretty things from my brother and her desire to leave the gym from me.


One thought on “Show Off

  1. Holy bananas! That is hilarious! Love that girl!

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