Just outside the back entrance of our neighborhood, there are two shopping centers, a pharmacy and a restaurant. There is a man we often see walking around the intersection or just down the road heading back to his home, I suppose. He is slender and has a long hair- a mullet, in fact. He is nearly bald on top but the back of his hair is down to his mid-back, thin, slightly wavy and bounces off his shoulders when he walks. He wears, what seems to be, a standard uniform- black jeans, a t-shirt (tucked in), a belt, boots and sport sunglasses. We see him so often that I’ve heard one of the kids comment when he wears  a shirt from his closet they’ve never seen before. He walks with what appears to be great purpose, always looking forward and never smiling. His stride, in combination with the dark sunglasses and buoyant hair give him the appearance of having zero shits to give- a real badass.

It was curious to see him, standing still, in the produce section of the grocery store recently. His sunglasses were atop his head, his hair was resting on his back and he was examining apples.

Leo: “Hey, Mom- that’s that guy we always see walking!”

Me: “That’s him! I’ve never seen him not walking and not wearing sunglasses. How about that?”

Leo (staring): “What do you think he’s doing?”

Me: “Well, he appears to be looking at apples.”

Leo (turning his head toward me but not taking his eyes off the man): “Do you think he’s going to buy some apples?”

Me: “I think he is interested in buying some apples, yes.”

Leo (studying the man like he’s mentally taking notes for an anthropology project): “I think he is too. Do you think he’s going to eat them?”

Me: “Yes-I would guess he would eat the apples that he buys. Do you want to go talk to him?”

Leo (snapping out of his admiration trance): “What!? No! I can’t just talk to him! He’s cool- like Jesus but he wears boots and sunglasses.”

And that, you guys, is how you know this dude has swagger. Save for his choice of foot and eye wear, he’s just like the Redeemer of the World- at least according to a certain 6-year-old.

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