It’s Entirely Possible

If you leave the sunroof of your car open while it’s parked in the driveway of your home, there is the possibility that a tree frog will take up residence in that car. It is also possible that the frog that you didn’t know was in your car will, out of nowhere, jump onto your arm while you’re driving. If that happens, you might freak out because something all warm and sticky that isn’t meant to be all up in your car and, even more specifically, on your arm is suddenly both in your car and on your arm. You might scream as if you’re about to be murdered, pull the steering wheel hard and to the right and hit a trashcan on wheels that is sitting just off the road. You might then apply the brakes and come to a complete stop, all the while cupping the frog on your arm with your opposing hand. Your brain might recognize yet not fully believe that what is on your arm is a brightly colored tree frog and not something coming at you with a machete. You might slowly start to regain your composure, pull the sticky ass frog off your forearm and find a nice patch of green grass to toss him in. You might feel relieved, foolish, angry, mortified, ridiculous and bemused all at once. It’s also entirely possible that you’ll, confusingly, wish both death and longevity to that frog. It may be that you are very grateful that no one just witnessed this occurrence while also wishing that a thousand people had just witnessed this occurrence because it was just so ludicrous. You may, even a couple of hours after the incident, realize that you’re having PTSD-like reactions to any sudden movements, and have to take a Xanax or three.

I don’t know for sure… it’s just all very, very possible.


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