I Got (out)Played

Leo’s behavior in Mass this weekend was less than stellar. After asking him repeatedly to stop messing with his little brother, stand up, kneel, say the prayers, and stop picking his nose, I decided to pull out the big guns…

Me to Leo: “Where are we right now?”

Leo: “Church.”

Me: “Right. Whose house is this?”

Leo: “Jesus’?”

Me: “Right. Who can see you and your behavior right now?”

Leo: “You…and Jesus.”

Me: “Yep. You are not making good choices in Mass and I’m not happy with your behavior. Do you think Jesus is happy with what he’s seeing?”

Leo was thoughtful for a couple of minutes and then motioned for me to lean down so he could say something.

Me: “Yes?”

Leo: “Can Jesus smell stuff in here?”

Me: “I suppose he can…why?”

Leo: “‘Cause your breath smells like hot garbage and I think he’s not happy with that right now.”

In my defense, I’d had a handful of sour cream and chive chips just before we left home. Also, I’ve learned that if you play the ‘Jesus is watching you’ card, you have to be prepared to have your feelings hurt when your child outplays you.

Touché, son, touché.

One thought on “I Got (out)Played

  1. Donna Laird

    Lain drives me crazy with the smell of my breathe! I’m like… “Well, don’t get in my face to wake me up!” ugh… the honesty of kids.

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