It’s Sort Of Close to the Truth

Jules, Mia and I were lounging around on my bed watching television. Mia asked about a male and female character on the show we were watching.

Mia: “Are they married or brother and sister?”

Me: “I think they’re engaged so that would make her his fiancé”

Mia: *Gasp*! She’s gay!?”

Me: “What? No. ‘Fiancé’ means that they’re going to to be married someday.”

Mia: “Ohhhhh! I thought ‘fiancé’ meant girl gay.”

Me: “Um, I think you’re thinking of ‘lesbian’ but that word and ‘fiancé’ sound nothing alike so I’m not sure how that happened.”

Mia: “Wait- are you trying to say ‘Beyoncé’?”

Me: “No. Beyoncé is an entertainer but her name does rhyme with fiancé.”

Mia: “So Uncle Nick (my brother who is fabulously gay) is a lesbian because he’s gay?”

I was missing a integral part of the movie because of this convoluted conversation so I just told her the truth…

“Yes- Uncle Nick is a lesbian.”

I mean, that’s close enough, right? I was missing the movie!


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