People Just Think I’m Cool

Our kids are usually asleep when I write. I wake up relatively early so that I can write without 1-3 children sitting on my lap or having them shout ridiculous demands about wanting to be fed and clothed or some other such nonsense. They know that I have a blog and that I write articles for others but they don’t often see me “working”, they don’t care, and they don’t think it’s at all interesting.

Leo and I were in the grocery store a few days ago when we ran into an acquaintance. He was lovely and very complimentary about this blog and a few other pieces I’ve written. It’s always nice to get positive feedback, isn’t it? I thanked him for reading and for his kind words while Leo was pulling my arm backwards in a desperate attempt to end our conversation. The man turned his attention to Leo and said “What do you think about your Mom being a writer? That’s pretty cool, huh?” “She’s not a writer” Leo responded “she’s just my Mom.” The man and I laughed and he said “She is a Mom but she’s also becoming a local celebrity because of her writing (no, I’m not)- do you know what a ‘celebrity’ is?”
“No, sir. What?” asked Leo. “It’s someone who’s famous and everyone knows who they are” the man said. “Oh” Leo replied  “I think people know who she is because she’s my Mom and I’m awesome. Sometimes, at school, people would say “Hi Leo” and I don’t even know them. People just think I’m cool so people just think she’s cool but she’s not. She’s just my Mom and Moms aren’t cool they’re just…Moms.”

He is thoroughly unimpressed with me but his own hubris is breathtaking. He should maybe give TED talks to those suffering from low self esteem or feelings of worthlessness. He sees great value in himself and in most other people who are not me. Or Moms.

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