Clothes or Food?

We’re on a quick little getaway in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains. As we were driving here, Leo pointed toward a field with several large, round bales of hay.

Leo: “Look at those big things of yarn, guys.”

Me: “Yeah, except that’s hay.”

Leo: “Hey what?”

Me: “Huh?”

Leo: “You said ‘hey’. ‘Hey’ what?”

Me: “No, those were bales of hay, it’s called ‘hay’. H-A-Y. It’s not yarn.”

Leo: “What’s it for?”

Me: “To feed animals and cover the ground and stuff, I guess. What would yarn be out there in the field for?”

Leo: “I don’t know…like, clothes and blankets for the animals and stuff.”

Me: “Ohhhh…okay. Would you rather have clothes or food?”

Leo: “Food. Unless it’s your food. Then I’d rather have clothes.”



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