Books and Moms

Leo is borderline obsessed with a computer game called Minecraft. If you have young kids, I’m certain you’ve heard of it. It’s the first thing he wants to do in the morning and, if left unchecked, he would play it until bedtime. 

I was in and out yesterday and realized around Noon that he sitting at the computer and likely had been since 8:00am.

Me: “Dude- you’ve got to take a break.”

Leo (not looking away from the screen but turning his head toward me): “Can’t.”

Me: “Can. Do it. Now. You can play again for about half an hour later today.”

Leo (still not looking at me but steady clicking the keyboard): “Mom. Are you kidding me? I’m doing great. Look how great I’m doing. I can’t quit right now- I’ll die and I’ve worked really hard. C’mon…10 more minutes?”

Me: “You can have 5 minutes and when you’re off, we’re reading books.”

Leo: “Books are lame.”

Me: “Books are awesome. I’ll be back in 5 minutes then you’re taking a break- no complaints.”

I walked away but stopped in the next room to pick up something. I wasn’t quite out of earshot and heard him say “Books are lame. Books and Moms are lame. And assholes.”

I went back to get him 5 minutes later and we sat on the couch with a stack of books. 

Me: “Hey, guess what? I heard what you said about me and books.”

Leo: “What? What did I say?”

Me: “You said that books and Moms are lame…and assholes.”

Leo: “No, no, no. I didn’t say that.”

Me: “Pretty sure you did…”

Leo: “No, I said books and Moms are awesome and ‘lass bowls’.

Me: “Yeah? What’s a ‘lass bowl'”?

Leo: “I don’t know…maybe we should read these awesome books to see if we can find out.”

And there was no more Minecraft that day but loads of extra books.


2 thoughts on “Books and Moms

  1. So funny! My 9 year old who always gives me the “I can’t or I’ll die” response enjoyed it too!

  2. Thank you, Clare! I think I’m going to use the “I can’t or I’ll die” excuse the next time our kids ask me to put down my book and make them lunch. That’s completely reasonable, right?

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