Live and Stuff

We don’t typically watch local or national news broadcasts when our kids are around. Our television is usually tuned into cartoons or something that’s going to help me be a better person- like E! We don’t necessarily shield our kids from society’s evils but we don’t want them to be afraid to live their lives either. I don’t want them to see reports of school shootings or child abductions so we usually only watch the news when the kids are in a different room or not around at all. Recently, though, Leo walked into the room during the tail end of a newscast about a fatal shooting.

Leo: “What are they talking about? What’s ‘murder’?

Me: “‘Murder’ is when a person kills another person.”

Leo: “Why would someone do that?”

Me: “I don’t have a good answer for that, buddy. Sometimes people just can’t control their anger and they make really terrible choices. Sometimes they want what someone else has. There are all kinds of reasons but none of them are good.”

Leo: “If someone is mad, why don’t they just kick the other person in the balls? Or if they want what their friend has, why don’t they just kick them in the balls and take what they want and then go back to their house and play with it? Why do they have to kill the person?”

Me: “You think that’s better- to kick a guy in the balls instead of killing them?”

Leo: “Yeah! If you kick someone in the balls they can still live and stuff but if you die, then you’re like, dead and you can’t get back up and live and stuff.”

Me: “And girls? What do suggest for them?”

Leo: “You can kick them in the balls and pull their hair.”

And then we had a nice long talk about human anatomy and all the good things in the world.


2 thoughts on “Live and Stuff

  1. Makes perfect sense…. 😉

  2. Agreed. Sometimes kids are more logical than adults…except that bit about girls having balls. We don’t. I don’t, at least 😉

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