Wear a Sweater

We met a couple of friends and their kids at the beach last week. Brian and Krista are 10 + years younger than me and Garrett. They are both really good looking, fit, and look great in their swimsuits.

We’ve been home for a few days now, but Mia’s been thinking about some things:

Mia: “Did you see Mrs. Krista’s boobs?”

Me: “I did, yes.”

Mia: “Did they make you sad?”

Me: “Why- because mine aren’t as big as hers?”

Mia: “Yeah…I mean, like, no where NEAR as big as hers.”

Me: “No, I didn’t feel sad. You think about my boobs much more than I do.”

Mia: “Are her and Mr. Brian younger than you and Dad?”

Me: “Yes. I think they’re 30.”

Mia: “Their swimsuits were cooler, too.”

Me: “Okay.”

Mia: “Dad’s chest hair has some gray in it.”

Me: “Mmmmm Hmmmm.”

Mia: “Mr. Brian’s doesn’t.”

Me: “Are you troubled by me and Dad being older than them?”

Mia: “No…I just think we should go to the mountains next time. You guys could wear sweaters and you wouldn’t feel bad about yourselves.”

Me: “We don’t feel bad about ourselves! Dad and I are awesome!”

Mia: “I’m just saying….if I were you, I’d feel a little bit bad about myself. Y’all should be friends with people your own age.”

We’re looking to start a bingo club on Thursday nights and, if you’re interested, shuffleboard is at 3:00pm today. Bring some Ensure to share and wear your best socks with sandals!


2 thoughts on “Wear a Sweater

  1. What about bridge?

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