That’s How You Know They Like You

We are fortunate to have Garrett’s cousin, Becky, and her son, Zach, live just down the street from us. Leo, especially, spends a lot of time down there- he and Zach are thick as thieves. Becky and Zach have a little terrier/chihuahua type dog named Heiny.

Yesterday, Mia and Leo were at Zach’s house hanging out for a while.
When they got home, Mia shared this little gem with me:

“You know their dog, Heiny? He’s so cute- he likes me more than anyone. I can tell because he kept standing up on his back legs and then he’d, like, hug my leg with his front legs and then he’d kind of jump up and down- I guess trying to get me to pick him up.”

Me: “Hugging your leg, huh?”

Mia: “Yeah- it was so cute! He just kept holding onto my leg and hopping up and down. Can we teach our dogs to do that?”

Me: “Well, our dogs are big and they’re girl dogs…I don’t think girl dogs do that- ‘hug’ people’s legs. I don’t think that people usually WANT dogs to hug their legs.”

Mia: “But that’s how you can tell that a dog really likes you- when he hugs your leg.”

Me: “You know, I think we’re just going to have to trust some of the other ways dogs let us know they like us. Like when they lick us or wag their tail or just stay close by- we’re just going to go with those things to know they like us.”

Mia: “That’s so boring. I don’t think you understand people. Everyone likes hugs- especially on their legs from dogs.”

Is it true, you guys? Do you love doggie leg hugs? I know a dog who’s giving them away for free…


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