Your Other Children

Both my and Garrett’s parents are divorced. Our kids have only ever known their grandparents individually- never as married couples. Sometimes Leo has a hard time figuring out how they all fit together and who belongs to whom. And, apparently, how children come into existence.

I was talking to my Mom on the phone recently and said “Okay, Mom, love you!” as we wrapped up our conversation.

Leo: “Wait- who’s your Mom?”

Me: “My Mom is Grammy.”

Leo: “So you’re telling me that MY Grammy is YOUR Mom?”

Me: “Yes, that’s what I’m telling you.”

Leo: “So is Grandma Grammy’s Mom?”

Me: “No, buddy, Grandma is your Dad’s Mom.”

Leo: “Okay…who’s YOUR Dad?”

Me: “GranDa’ is my Dad.”

Leo: “But I thought he was Uncle Nick’s Dad,”

Me: “He is. Uncle Nick is my brother just like Ronan is YOUR brother.”

Leo: “Do you have any other brothers or sisters?”

Me: “No, just Uncle Nick. But he likes to gossip and shop so it’s kind of like having a brother AND a sister.”

Leo: “And I just have the brothers and sisters that I have now?”

Me: “Yes… what do you mean?”

Leo: “Like, do you have any other children?”

Me: “Well, no, buddy. They would live with us.”

Leo: “How do you know?”

Me: “Well, because I would’ve given birth to them so I would know if we had other kids.”

Leo: “I’m not sure you know.”

Me: “Why would I not know? You’re making me feel tired.”

Leo: “I bet you have other children from, like, before…”

Me: “Before when? I don’t have other children.”

Leo: “We should look for them.”

Me: “Look for who?”

Leo: “Your other children.”

Me: “I don’t have other children.”

Leo: “I’ll ask your Mom and Dad. I bet they’ll know.”

Me: “That’s a great idea. If I buy you and ice cream, will you stop talking for a little while?”

Leo: “Sure.”

And then when we got home I had a heart to heart with Garrett about these missing children. He assures me there are just the six. Kid is good… I was *this* close to launching a nationwide search.


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