Lunch With a Friend

The weather was icky and our youngest kid is sick so we were stuck inside yesterday. The kids spent most of the day watching TV, drawing pictures and making sculptures out of crap they found under the couch when I moved it to vacuum.

I was in my bedroom folding clothes when Leo, bored to tears, came sauntering in.

Leo: “This day sucks, Mom.”

Me: “You bored, buddy? It’s not fun being stuck inside all day, is it?”

Leo: “Yeah- I’m bored. Aren’t we supposed to be having a party all day since it’s your birthday? Is this whole day your, like, party- because this is a sucky party. Why can’t you have your party at Chuck E. Cheese or something?”

Me: “Well, I’m a grown up and we don’t usually have big birthday parties like kids do.”

Leo: “You should. You should have all your friends there and all my friends there to give you balloons and eat cake and get toys.”

Me: “That sounds like fun! It just changes a little bit when you get older.”

Leo: “What kind of party do grown ups have?”

Me: “Well, sometimes they go out to dinner with friends or out dancing or something.”

Leo: “What kind of party would YOU want to have?”

Me: “Oh, I’d love to be in a quiet house and read a book. Or maybe a massage and foot rub. Or maybe lunch with a friend. Something like that.”

Leo (looking confused): “Are you kidding me? You want to read a book? Lunch? Old people do stuff like that. I thought you weren’t old because you’re still pretty but you ARE old. That’s really sad.”

Me (laughing): “Well thanks for thinking I’m still pretty, I guess.”

Leo walked out of the room and came back about ten minutes later. He was carrying a plate of graham crackers with a massive glob of peanut butter on the side. There was a whole, small apple and a couple of pickles on the plate too which were now mostly covered in peanut butter. There was a Diet Coke in his other hand.

He placed the plate on my bed and the Diet Coke on the bedside table.

Leo: “Here you go, Mom. Happy birthday! I made you lunch! I’ll stay here while you eat and I’ll be your friend.”

It was the sweetest thing ever, y’all. I even ate a peanut butter covered pickle at his prompting. It was disgusting and I would not recommend it. I totally recommend lunch with friends, though. Whether it’s your birthday or not.


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