The haircut

I had about 5 inches cut off my hair yesterday. When I picked up Mia and Leo at school, their reactions went like this:

Mia: “You got your hair cut.”

Me: “I did! Do you like it?”

Mia: “Nope. Hate it. I only like it long (stomps off)”.

Me: “It’s still pretty long- it was TOO long before.”

Mia: “It’s NOT at all long. Long is when it’s down your back. I still love you but I hate your hair now. I’m just not going to look at you for a while.”

Me: “What about you, Leo? Do you hate my hair now?”

Leo: “No-I don’t hate it. It’s just hair. Who cares?”

Me: “Exactly. I’m still me just with shorter hair.”

Leo: “Mia, it’s still Mom. Who gives a crap about hair? She’s still gonna make us dinner and stuff. I still like you, Mom.”

Me: “Well, thanks, buddy. I still like you, too. Mia- you’ll get used to my hair. It’ll just take a couple of days.”

Mia: “Nope. I’ll still want it long.”

Leo: “Ugh! Can we please stop talking about this now? What’s for dinner? Can I choose since I’m the only one who’s being nice about your stupid haircut?”

Me: “Stupid haircut? I thought you liked it?”

Leo: “I’m not talking about hair anymore and I choose pizza.”

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