Hairy Bill

I was in the locker room at my gym. Two older women had just finished an aerobics class when I had the pleasure of overhearing this conversation:

Lady 1: “Whew! Glad I got that over with!”

Lady 2: “What are your plans for the rest of the day?”

Lady 1: “I’m going to take a shower, eat lunch and then start a new book I just bought yesterday. What are you up to?”

Lady 2: “I’m going to take a shower and eat lunch too. But then I have another workout this afternoon…Bill started taking testosterone and he’s been a horn dog lately. I’m talking 2-3 times a week! I’m exhausted. I made him promise me that I could shave his back before our session today…he’s acting like a horn dog but looking like a bear. I found myself twirling his back hair between my fingers last time. I get bored because all I’m doing is laying there…maybe I should get a new book, too, before I go home!”

Then they broke out in fits of laughter and it was awesome.


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