Remarkably Resourceful and Incredibly Gross

It’s always interesting when kids are resourceful. Like the time Ronan yanked the feminine hygiene product disposal box off the wall in a grocery store bathroom and used it as a step stool so he could reach the toilet. Or when Leo couldn’t reach the milk in the fridge so he used the only thing liquid-y thing he could get his hands on- pancake syrup-in his cereal instead. And the time when Mia wanted chocolate milk but we didn’t have any and so she decided to put a handful of Hershey’s Kisses into a non-microwave safe bowl to melt them for 45 minutes. The smell nearly drove us to living in a hotel temporarily.

It was more disgusting than interesting when, after watching her sisters brush their hair in the bathroom before school, Norah, unable to reach the brush which was now back in the drawer, came walking out of the bathroom, all smiley and proud, brushing her hair… with the toilet bowl brush.

Kids are remarkably resourceful and incredibly gross.

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