That’s What They’re There For

Bella and Leo were eating breakfast when, out of nowhere, she asked:

“Mom, why are white people sometimes called ‘crackers’?”

Me: “I haven’t heard white people called ‘crackers’ outside of a television show and even then it was in the late 70’s. Where’d you hear that?”

Bella: “I’m not sure. I just know I heard it and I can’t figure out why you would use a ‘cracker’ to describe someone.”

Me: “I don’t know…you should Google it.”

Leo: “I know. I don’t have to Google it ’cause I already know…”

Me: “Yeah? Why do you think white people are sometimes called ‘crackers’, Leo?”

Bella: “This should be good…”

Leo: “Cause our skin is salty. Like, if you lick your arm, it’s salty- try it- I do it all the time. And crackers are kind of salty.”

Me: “Do you not think other skin color is salty? Like, black people, or Asians, or Hispanics. Do you think they have “salty” skin?”

Leo: “Ummmm…how would I know? I don’t go around licking other people’s arms. That would be weird.”

Bella: “But it’s not weird to lick your own arm?”

Leo (looking confused): “Um, no? It would be weird if you DIDN’T lick your own arm. That’s what they’re there for.”

So the next time you have a tequila shot, you can just forgo the salt around the rim. You have all the salt you need on your arm. That’s what they’re there for, guys. Maybe lick your arm when no one is looking, though, because I’m pretty sure it IS weird.

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