Exactly. Thanks, Mom

Our daughter, Bella, is in a local production of the Wizard of Oz. I was backstage with her and her fellow Munchkins waiting for them to go on when one of the younger Munchkin girls looked at her and said:

Younger girl: “You’re so pretty.”

Bella: “Thanks! That’s sweet. You’re really adorable.”

Younger girl to me: “Are you her Mom?”

Me: “I am, yes!”

Younger girl: “She doesn’t look like you.”

Me: “No, she doesn’t really, does she?”

Bella: “Yeah- I get my good looks from my Dad and my funny from my Mom.”

Younger girl: “I haven’t heard you be very funny.”

Bella (looking stone-faced at me): “Exactly. Thanks, Mom.”

And then I mentally reminded myself that my kind of funny couldn’t possibly be understood by a child. Only seasoned, discerning adults with a discriminating palate for fine literature and astute observations really “get me”. You guys “get me”. And then I told them the best fart joke in my arsenal because, dammit, I AM funny.

2 thoughts on “Exactly. Thanks, Mom

  1. You truly are very funny, although your kid got a zinger on you!

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