The Sucker is Me

Bella had two of her friends spend the night after a dance on Friday night. I go to bed early and was almost asleep by the time they got home. Bella came into our room to let me know they were home and that she’d had a great time. Oh, and one of her friends hadn’t eaten dinner and could I please get up and make her a grilled cheese sandwich.

Me: “Ummmm….no. I’m not getting up. You guys just eat what we have in the pantry.”

Bella: “Well, can she make herself a grilled cheese?”

Me: “No, honey, just eat the stuff that doesn’t require cooking. There’s soup and ravioli- you guys can heat that up in the microwave.”

Bella (looking all sad): “Okay, Mom.”

She walked out but came back in within 45 seconds.

Bella: “See, the thing is, I told her that you make the BEST grilled cheese sammys in the world because you’re the best MOM in the world and you put extra love into everything you do. Now I’m going to look like a liar about both of those things. So…”

As I was buttering the bread, the kid came into the kitchen and said “Thanks for getting out of bed to make me a sandwich, Mrs. Wood. My Mom would NEVER have done that!”

Bell gave me a wink and a smile. Feeling proud and superior, I turned out the gooiest, most beautifully golden brown grilled cheese there ever was, cut it on the diagonal and served it with apple slices and grapes.

As I walked out of the room I heard Bella whisper “I told you that would get her.”

Dammit. I totally fell for it. AND the kid only ate half of the sandwich.

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