You’ve Mentioned That a Few Times

I guess 2nd graders informally poll each other about all sorts of things at recess. Mia has mentioned that, among her classmates, she has the most siblings, one of the smallest houses, and that she’s the only one who’s never been to Disney World. Other Moms in her class let their kids eat brownies for breakfast and most of her friends have their own iPhones (bs!). It’s just not fair that she’s forced to eat piping hot scrambled eggs and use an iPhone that isn’t even hers- she needs her OWN phone number, y’all!

She likes to remind me that I’m one of the oldest Moms in her class, too.

Mia: “You know you’re one of the oldest Moms in my class.”

Me: “Yes. You’ve mentioned that a few times.”

Mia: “My friend asked me how old you are and I said ’40’. She said “Wow! She only looks like she’s about 39 or maybe 38.” Does that make you feel better?”

Me: “Well, I guess. There’s not a whole lot of difference.”

Mia: “All I know that ’40’ sounds really old. If someone says that you look like you’re still in your 30’s you just need to be grateful and move on.”

So, thank you, random 2nd grader who thinks I look an entire year younger than I am. And even when I’ve almost convinced myself that 40 is the new 30, thanks, Mia, for keeping it real and never letting me quite believe it.

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