The Feminine Hygiene Product Disposal Box

Earlier in the week, I had the littlest kids with me at the grocery store. We were no where near the restrooms when Ronan told me he had to pee. He’s still a newbie at this whole using-the-toilet thing so when he says he has to go, there’s no hesitating.

I had them both in one of those enormous, kid- desired car shopping carts which are nearly impossible to steer. In fact, in the ten minutes since we’d been in the store, I had already knocked over a display of Goldfish in the cookie and cracker aisle. I hustled them over to the restrooms at the front of the store. I abandoned the cart at the door and three of us hurried in. Ronan headed into the handicapped stall which worked out well since it was the most spacious and there were three of us in there. I closed the door, locked the little latch and helped him wiggle his pants down. The toilet in this stall was higher than normal ones, so he was standing on his tip toes trying to get his penis just so when I saw Norah crawling under the stall door. As I scooped her up and walked her over to the sink to wash her hands and knees, I heard Ronan say “Mommy I can’t reach it.” “I’ll be right there, buddy, let me rinse Norah’s hands”, I said. Before I made it back in to help him, though, I heard a popping noise followed by the sound of something being scooted across the tile floor.

In an impressive display of inspired resourcefulness, he had yanked the plastic feminine hygiene disposal box off the wall and was using it as a step stool. Now, I know he’s my kid so I’m a little biased but he might be the next MacGyver, y’all! If you ever find yourself in a fiery inferno or stuck in your car in rising creek waters, maybe pray that Ronan is around! A couple of Gummy bears, an empty juice box, a ball, a forgotten, half-eaten chicken nugget and some Legos…the possibilities of configuring these everyday objects into a life-saving device are endless!

I kind of guffawed when I saw him standing there on the box- proud and surprised by how he solved this little problem all by himself. He looked at me and smiled and said “I made a stool. I broke it.” Just so you know, there was no damage to the actual box- it just hangs on two hooks. I hung it back up on the wall but not before he tried to dig in it to see what was inside. While we were washing Ronan’s hands, Norah made her way back into the stall and was splashing away in the toilet water and wetting her own hair. We washed HER hands again and headed back to the cart.I buckled them up and took an extra second to look at the faces of these kids who make me feel (almost) equally joyful and disgusted. Conveniently, there is a water fountain just outside of the bathroom. I stopped there to take a Xanax booster and we went about our day.


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