That’s Why I Always Dress Super Cute

I took Mia to the Mall yesterday to spend some of her Christmas money that’s been burning a hole in her pocket. We took the elevator to the upper level and a gay couple stepped on just after us. One of the guys was dressed to the nines- every hair in place and he had beautiful, luminescent skin. His partner was a little less concerned about his appearance- was slightly overweight and had on an over-sized t shirt, really baggy jeans and at least a decade old sneakers. They looked like opposites but were obviously smitten with each other. I watched Mia watch them. When the doors to the elevator opened, they stepped out first and we ended up walking behind them in the same direction. I was quiet and waited for Mia to say something to me when she saw them hold hands. My brother is gay and has a wonderful boyfriend so she’s seen homosexual couples before. I wasn’t sure she’d ever seen public displays of affection between a gay couple, though. I was expecting her to say something about them holding hands but no…

After a few seconds, she said “Mom- I know those guys are gay.”
“Yes, they are. They’re a couple…they seem really happy, don’t they?” I said. “Yeah- they do”, Mia said “I wish the pretty guy would help the sloppy guy dress better, though. I bet they could be even happier. Like, when Dad puts on a shirt that you think is stupid and you make him change- it makes you happier. I think the pretty one should pick out all his boyfriend’s clothes. It’s good to care about how you look. That’s why I always dress super cute.”


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