I Didn’t Kick Him in the Balls or Nuthin’

There’s a kid in Leo’s class who’s having some behavioral issues. A couple of weeks ago, he slapped Leo on the stomach. I was told that he punched Leo in the stomach but Leo assured me it was more of a slap because “it didn’t hurt so much.”

A couple of days after that incident, Leo said he wanted to give that kid another chance and wanted to invite him to his birthday party. We did, but he didn’t show up (they didn’t RSVP either!).

The Principal of the kid’s school called me yesterday to tell me that Leo had been pushed off the monkey bars at recess. She said that other than having the breath knocked out of him and being a little teary-eyed, he was okay. When I picked the kids up from school a little later, Leo told me that it was the same kid that had punched him a few weeks before.
I told him that I want him to stay away from that kid but that I want him to forgive the kid, too. I asked him how he felt about what happened.

Leo: “He didn’t even tell me he was sorry, Mom. You know what? I didn’t kick him in the balls or nothing. I wanted to kick him in the balls but I just made my legs not do that. And you know what? I’m never inviting him to my birthday party again- he’s mean and crazy. I’m GLAD he didn’t get any of my cake. He’s what you call an ‘asshole’ isn’t he, Mom? That’s what I said when he pushed me. I said “What an asshole!” but I said it not out loud. It’s okay- the teachers didn’t hear me.”

It took a lot of restraint on my part not to tell him that he can call him an asshole WHILE kicking the kid in the balls next time. I’m a lady, though, so we’re just going to pray for the kid instead.

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