Tardy Students

At the kid’s school, there is a small sign they put out in front of the doors after the morning bell rings. It reads: “Tardy students must sign in.” I picked up Mia early from school yesterday for a doctor’s appointment. She noticed this sign as we were walking to the car.

Mia: “Well THAT’S rude.”

Me: “What’s rude?”

Mia: “That sign. Why are they picking on tardy kids?”

Me: “Huh? They’re just saying that if a kid is late that they have to be signed in-they can’t just be dropped off at school.”

Mia: “Ohhhhhh! I thought they were picking on children who are retarded by calling them ‘tardy’. That would be mean. I didn’t THINK my school would be mean like that. So, tardy just means late?”

Me: “Yes. It’s just another word for late.”

Mia: “That makes me feel better because retarded children should not be picked on…even if they’re late to school. It’s not their fault. Their Mom’s should’ve woken up earlier.”


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