While You Still Can

This post may be slightly TMI, but I figure we’re all friends here…

Last week, I started weaning Norah from breastfeeding. After about day five of no nursing, I developed mastitis (a boobie infection) which is just awful. It sucker punches you with a high fever, chills, body aches and pain. It’s no joke and it comes on in an instant with no real warning- at least for me.

On Sunday morning, when I would normally be hustling around the house making sure teeth are brushed and zippers are zipped just before we leave for Mass, I was, instead, moving at a glacier’s pace and feeling worse by the minute. I was sitting on the side of our bed when Leo walked in and asked what was the matter.

Me: “Oh, buddy, I just have sort of a boo boo because Norah isn’t nursing anymore. It’s making me feel kind of crummy. I’m getting some medicine, though, and I’ll be back to normal by the time you wake up in the morning.”

Leo: “Oh. Where’s your boo boo? Should I kiss it? You still take care of us, right?”

Me: “The boo boo is in my boobie so, no, you can’t kiss it (we’re giggling)…you’re sweet, though. I can totally still take care of you guys! I’m just going to rest a little bit. Daddy will help out, too.”

Leo: “IN your boobie? That’s gross. Ewww. That’s really gross. Can I lay down with you for a few minutes?”

Me: “Yes, please, that sounds lovely.”

A few minutes later, Mia came in and asked what was going on. Before I could answer…

Leo: “Oh, Norah made Mom’s boobie sick…it’s dying. She’s still going to make us food, though. You know why? ‘Cause Dad can’t cook and then we’d all die…just like Mom’s boob. You should make us breakfast now, Mom, while you still can.”

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