It’s supposed to be snowpocalypse here later today. When I picked up the kids from school yesterday, they could barely contain their excitement. They talked and talked and talked. They asked if they could drink hot cocoa all day and go back and forth between the snow and our warm home. They wondered if it would snow enough so that they could make individual snowmen. They want 8 snowpeople in the front yard and they want to dress them in to look like us.

Leo: “I’m going to make mine a boy-just like me. And Mom, can I borrow some of your corn for his nose?”

Me: “I don’t have any corn, buddy. I do have carrots, though. Is that what you meant?”

Leo: “Yeah, yeah…carrots. I’ll use those. I’m gonna put one of my hoodies on him so he looks like me and so you can tell he’s a boy. Do you have lots of carrots?”

Me: “Yes- I have a whole bag of them. You can all have one.”

Leo: “Is it okay if I use two? I need one for his nose and one for his wiener. I’ll just use snow for his balls. Like, I’ll just make snowballs for his balls and then they’ll really be ‘snowballs’! That’s hilarious-snowballs! I’m gonna make him have HUGE ones. Like, bigger than your head, Mom!”

Y’all may want to drive by and take pictures before the roads get too bad.


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