I never know what kind of reaction I’m going to get when people hear that we have six children. Raised eyebrows always come first followed by “Wow! Good for you” or “Why?”

People are either supportive or overwhelmed.

At the park yesterday with our oldest (she’s homeschooled) and youngest two, a young mother of one said “You’ve got your hands full, huh?” “They keep me busy, that’s for sure”, I said. “There are three more but they’re in school right now.”
Her jaw dropped and she said “Wait- six? You have six kids? Are any of them, like, step-children?” “No,” I said “they’re all mine and my husbands.” “Did you MEAN to have six kids?” she asked. “Well, yes. We’ve always been open to life…and my husband is smokin’ hot.” “Daaaang…this one little f*cker right here (she motioned toward her toddler) is about to make me pull out all my hair. There’s no way I’d have any more. I don’t care if was married to Adam Levine-I’d cement my vagina shut.”

Cement my vagina shut.

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