We buy gold

Because I am crazy, I like to give our kids Catholic pop-quizzes.
“Quick! Name three archangels!” or “Think fast- who were Mary’s parents?” As a reward, I give chocolate if we’re home and song choice if we’re in the car. They are highly competitive with each other and it brings them great joy to be able to yell “In your FACE!” when they get the answer right. I’m pretty sure they enjoy that part more than my reward.
I’m not sure Jesus is on board with my pop quiz tactic but the kids do pay attention when we talk about our faith- if only to be able to rub their sibling’s noses in the fact that they knew who the Patron Saint of charities was when the others didn’t. “Saint Vincent de Paul! Boom! Face!”

So last night I did a little Christmas version pop quiz. They answered a couple of questions before I asked this one:

Me: “What were the three gifts the Wise Men brought to baby Jesus?”

Mia: “I know! Gold, Franken-something and Murph!”

Me: “Good job, Mia! It’s frankincense and myrrh. Do you know what those are?”

Mia: “I already know what gold is- a lot of places have signs that say ‘We buy gold’ around here. Aren’t frankincense and murph, like, some kind of perfume or soap or something? I guess you can buy those at Target or that bath store in the mall. Or maybe you can buy them at the same place those people buy your gold- just all at the same place.”

Buy gifts for sweet baby Jesus and sell your scrap gold at the same stop, y’all. Now THAT’s convenience.

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