Babies Can’t Even Read

I was driving Mia over to a friend’s house yesterday when “Little Drummer Boy” came on the radio. Mia: “What is this song about?” Me: “I think it’s about a little boy who heard about Jesus being born and wanted to give him a gift. I guess the only thing he had to offer was the music from his drum so he played a song for baby Jesus.” Mia (after thinking for a minute): “I don’t believe that. I mean, if WE played a drum near a baby you’d freak out. I don’t think Mary would’ve been okay with that.” Me: “Well, yeah…I’m not sure it’s a true story. It’s just meant to show that we have gifts we can give even if it’s not bought at a store.” Mia: “Like what?” Me: “Ummm…our time or any talent that God gave us. The little drummer boy gave the gift of a song. It’s not something you can touch but it’s still a gift. Like, a poem, even.” Mia: “Whatever. Babies can’t even read.”


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