Whatever works for you

I’m going to share with you something that I’ve recently started doing that helps me cope with tantrums from and/or arguments with our kids (and occasionally my husband). I know this is childish and ridiculous and not typical Mommy behavior…I’m pretty sure that’s why it works for me.

I walk away from whoever is being an asshole at that particular moment. I step into another room and close the door behind me. There, in privacy, I flip them off. I flip off my kids with both fingers and with all my might. Sometimes I wave my middle fingers wildly in the air. I usually tuck my bottom lip under my top teeth for a little extra emphasis. Always, though, I feel better. It’s amazing how well it works for me. I don’t even have to take a Xanax after an argument! I mean, I don’t HAVE to but I still do.

The kids are none the wiser about my non-verbal expression of frustration and pissedoffness AND I am allowed to act a fool by myself for a few minutes. They think I’m “cooling down” or “counting to ten” but, no, I’m giving them the bird. It’s great!

Y’all might want to give it a try. Add a little personal style in there… wave your hands about, bite your bottom lip, bite your upper lip, jump up and down, do a cartwheel while your middle fingers are outstretched. Really, the possibilities are endless.

Let me know if it works for you.


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