Sometimes I upset my children.

When you have half a dozen kids, you steal quiet little moments with them individually whenever you can. Oftentimes, it’s just five or ten minutes here or there when the other kids are occupied and there isn’t anything requiring your attention on the stove.

During the Christmas season last year, Leo noticed a lag in activity and asked if we could snuggle. I scooped him up and we fell onto my bed and had a little ticklefest. After a few minutes, he started yawning and it was clear that he was about to fall asleep. He was all curled up into my chest and I could feel his breath on my neck-one of the best feelings in all of Motherhood, I think. I stroked his hair and began singing “What Child is This?”. Within a few seconds, he started crying.

“Hey, buddy- what’s the matter?”

He didn’t answer. I pulled him closer and was quiet for a minute but then started singing the same song.

Again, he started crying but this time it was more of a wail and he put his fingers in his ears. Obviously the song is having an effect on him- how sweet! A song about baby Jesus is touching his little heart and making him emotional- awwww!

“Leo, why are you crying? Is the song making you sad?”

Leo (sobbing): “No, Mommy, it’s not the song….it’s your voice.”

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