Again with the Elf…

Leo (5 yo) was freaking out while playing a Wii game with one of his sisters. I called him into another room to quietly remind him that I would turn off the game if he kept getting upset about losing.

“You just have to keep trying. Every time you play, you’ll get better and better. You can’t freak out when you don’t win, though. No one is going to want to play with you AND it’s just a game…let’s try to keep that in mind, okay?”

Leo: “Okay. Did Thomas Henry (our Elf on the Shelf) see me freak out? Is he going to tell Santa?”

Me: “I bet he understands. Let’s just try to have fun.He likes for you to have fun!”

Leo: “Does Thomas Henry watch you and Dad? Does he tell Santa that naughty stuff y’all do?”

Me: “Ummmm… I guess so. Wait- what’s something naughty that Daddy and I have done?”

Leo: “Remember last week? When you forgot to feed us lunch? And Daddy says the “F word” all day…all the time. I bet Santa knows you don’t feed us and that Daddy cusses. Y’all probably aren’t getting presents, Mom.”

It’s all true.

They had a big breakfast that day last week. They were probably fine. And Garrett is confident that Santa cusses “and if he doesn’t, I don’t trust or believe in him”, he says.

I hate the elf.

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